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Frank Bodami and the Total Wrecking team have performed demolition or ancillary environmental services on more than 8,000 structures to date across the nation. Total Wrecking delivers a complete package of services, including a wide range of full-scale industrial demolition tasks including dismantling, asbestos abatement, environmental remediation, waste removal and management, recycling, and scrap metal and asset recovery. Not only does our experienced team of in-house national demolition professionals perform the full gambit of services, we’re also proud to work across a wide range of industries including power generation plants, oil and refineries, chemical plants, paper and pulp mills, food processing companies, pharmaceutical plants, and steel and automotive industries. At Total Wrecking, there’s no limit to the helpful partnership we can have as your demolition and abatement contractor.

Manufacturing facility & factory demolition





Large-scale power plants and manufacturing facilities and factories have been Total Wrecking’s forte for multiple decades now, but that’s not the extent of the work we perform. We also have extensive experience working with other large structures, such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels, sports facilities, and educational and commercial institutions. No matter your facility’s history, industry, or age, if it’s big, there’s a very good chance that Total Wrecking has provided industrial demolition and/or environmental abatement services to a similar site before. Our long track record of exemplary work, as well as our flawless safety record, help our company speak for itself.

Our work is rooted in safety and professionalism. We never stop serving our communities, employees, subcontractors and stakeholders. We are known as a company of integrity, taking pride in our reputation. Where others see a project, we see a partnership. We promise cost-effective solutions for a wide range of demolition and environmental remediation projects nationwide. As an industry leader, we are committed to managing your project to the highest standards. Total Quality, Total Integrity, Total Safety. You deserve the Total Experience.

Exceptional Demolition Customer Service

It’s not just about providing an unparalleled level of top-quality national demolition work; just as important is a commitment to a facility’s people and their safety, as well as a steadfast pledge to provide them with the best customer service in the business. We pride ourselves in being a people-centric company, not only in our responsibility to the safety of your team, our laborers, and the communities that we’re serving, but by providing full transparency to our work plans and methods and allowing on-call access to our owner Frank Bodami. Total is proud of its long-standing record of exceptional customer service and quality work. At the heart of our success is a steadfast commitment to the Total Difference—our company-wide promise to ensure your project is completed safely, on schedule, and within budget.

Owner Frank Bodami

Frank Bodami brings more than 35 years of national demolition and environmental remediation field experience to Total Wrecking & Environmental clients. Frank has a reputation for honesty, fairness and thoroughness, providing clients with peace of mind and maintaining the demolition company’s position at the forefront of the national demolition and environmental remediation industries.

He is responsible for overseeing the activities of the business, including production, equipment purchasing, environmental management, and personnel supervision. Frank is an active participant on all job sites where he handles estimating, negotiating, troubleshooting, and providing clients with a high degree of owner accessibility and accountability, resulting in superior customer service and satisfaction.

Frank has contributed to the National Demolition Association as a member of the Board of Directors, as chair of the Risk Management Committee and member of the Safety Committee.

Owner sandy Bodami

Sandy’s contribution to the Total Wrecking & Environmental Team is best described as innovator, leader and organizer. Her background includes over 25 years of financial and supervisory experience. Sandy’s mission always has and always will be to create a work environment where each employee is respected and where customer service is job number one. 

Sandy’s primary responsibilities include the administration of the company’s finances and an executive leadership role as a manager on the team. Part of her Vision for Total Wrecking is developing and sustaining an organized work environment where everyone knows their value and the important role they play in the overall success of the Total team and she’s made it her mission to accomplish it on a daily basis. Sandy’s ability to understand the important dynamics of a successful organization and her interpersonal skills, insure that your interaction with Total will be positive and rewarding. 

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