Total Wrecking & Environmental is Florida’s most reliable source for commercial demolition services. We specialize in condo demolition, power plant demolition, and industrial demolition services of every shape and size. No matter what your needs may be, you can count on the integrity and reliability of a family business that prioritizes safety, community preservation, and professionalism above all. We’re ready to be your go-to commercial demolition contractor.


Total Wrecking & Environmental has extensive experience with commercial demolition projects of every size and variety.

High-rise condominiums in congested urban areas? Check. Chemical plants with asbestos and countless safety hazards? Nothing our surgical team can’t handle. An expansive coal-fired power plant with colossal cooling towers? Been there, demolished that.

Whatever commercial demolition services you require, Total Wrecking has a tried-and-true playbook for how to handle it thoroughly and safely while remaining on-time and on-budget.


Community is the nucleus of everything Total Wrecking & Environmental stands for, both internally and externally. Fostering a familial, welcoming atmosphere may not be common for other commercial demolition contractors, but we go to great lengths to ensure every member of our team is supported, encouraged, and happy.

The same principle applies to the communities in which we operate. We work thoughtfully and respectfully to ensure the environments we affect are greener and healthier than when we found them. Likewise, the surrounding communities reap the same benefits of remediated, development-ready brown or green sites. No matter where we are, communities are safer and healthier when our work is complete.


safety is always the priority 

Industrial demolition contractors perform incredibly dangerous, hazard-prone tasks that require the utmost caution and up-to-date training to ensure everyone on-site is as safe as possible. Commercial demolition requires an immense amount of meticulous, thoughtful detail to keep workers, and the communities we work within, safe and protected.

This means extensive communication, constantly updated safety programs, adherence with every OSHA protocol, and industry-leading PPE and training. If you can count on Total Wrecking for anything, it’s an unwavering dedicated to industrial demolition safety.

Leading industrial demolition for decades 

Industrial demolition runs in Frank Bodami’s blood. Although Total Wrecking & Environmental is only around a decade old, Frank has been learning the ins and outs of commercial demolition for over 30 years.

From multiple degrees in construction and management to industry-leading board positions, management roles, and businesses, Frank has established Total Wrecking & Environmental as the gold standard for expert industrial demolition conducted with integrity, transparency, and safety. Simply put: you won’t find a better industrial demolition contractor anywhere.


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