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When it comes to power plant demolition or commercial demolition contractors, there is no name in the state of Georgia (or the country at large) more trusted than Total Wrecking & Environmental. With decades of experience and an industry-leading team of commercial demolition experts at the help, Total Wrecking & Environmental provides the safest and most complete power plant demolition and commercial demolition services in Georgia and beyond.

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In early 2022, Georgia Power, the #1 energy supplier in the entire state of Georgia, announced an initiative to decommission all but two of its coal-fired power plants by 2028, meaning there is a lot of work to be done for commercial demolition contractors throughout the state!

As the country (and world) moves increasingly towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind, or even more efficient sources of non-renewable energy like nuclear, there’s a lot of work to be done to help facilitate this massive global transition. Total Wrecking & Demolition specializes in this exact field of commercial demolition and wants to help the state of Georgia transition towards a cleaner, greener, and better tomorrow.


a better tomorrow 

Georgia has joined a chorus of voices throughout the world championing a global migration away from “dirty” energy sources like coal-fired power plants and towards safer, more efficient, and ideally renewable energy sources. We go into detail about the ambition and challenge of these initiatives in our tell-all blog that discusses the inevitable influx of commercial demolition work as these plans come to fruition.

Commercial demolition contractors have a lot to do and a lot to be wary of amidst these sprawling overhauls: compressed timelines, overstretched budgets, dwindling workforces, and the potential for an industry-wide lack of resources. No matter the challenge or demand, what matters most to Total Wrecking is safety. The safety of our employees, the safety of our communities, and the long-term safety of the environments we carefully work within.


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Our comprehensive Industrial Demolition Process, which we go into detail about here on our blog, covers every phase of a power plant demolition (or other commercial demolition project) from top to bottom. We start with a site visit and a full audit of all a power plant’s historical documentation to understand its hazards, weak points, and priorities. After completing a critical path method schedule and a detailed work plan, we’ll define a realistic approach, timeline, and budget to the power plant owner and key team members.

Once the scope is approved and the work plan is solidified, Total Wrecking will move forward with its environmental remediation, asbestos abatement, decommissioning, waste removal, and asset recovery services performed by the best team in the industry. If you want Total Integrity and Total Safety, look no further than Total Wrecking.


total safety, total integrity 

Commercial demolition runs in our blood. Co-Founder and CEO Frank Bodami has been learning and leading power plant demolitions for over 30 years. Power plants are our specialty, and there’s no commercial demolition contractor in Georgia or throughout the U.S.A. with our level of expertise and insight. 

Commercial demolition is dangerous work that shouldn’t be trusted to anyone without the right qualifications, certifications, safety record, OSHA compliance, and experience. We’re not interested in chasing the lowest bid; we’re dedicated to providing the best and safest commercial demolition services found anywhere.

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