Total Wrecking and Environmental is the epitome of a top-to-bottom industrial demolition company. Our extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise is not exclusive to one specific industry. In fact, we’ve had the opportunity to perform some of the nation’s largest remediation, demolition, and redevelopment projects across a number of major industries including chemical, paper and pulp, manufacturing, and industrial power plants.

Not all plants are created equal. In fact, each of these industries requires specialized skill sets to ensure their demolition projects are performed in the most thorough and professional manner possible. Work of this sophistication, precision, and complexity requires an array of essential certifications, qualifications, permits, and licenses to run efficiently and safely.

You can trust that Total Wrecking is equipped with every tool, insight, and expert your plant needs, from our in-house team of environmental remediation and demolition experts to our historic track record of industry-leading work in locations across the country.

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The Total difference

One of our biggest differentiating factors as a demolition contractor is that we can provide top-to-bottom environmental work in-house. We have the industry’s most experienced and highly trained professionals who’ve tackled every challenge, great and small, on nearly every type of power plant and facility there is. Thanks to their long, historic track records of safety and success, they possess the rare ability to comprehensively understand every layer of your facility, no matter how unique you believe it may be.

It also means no middle men. Period. Because everything that we do is developed, discussed, and meticulously planned under one roof, clients can rely on consistent expertise directly from the source. Frank Bodami makes it his mission to be a front-facing resource to every plant owner we work with. No telephone tag or conflicting information from multiple sources. Just decades of industry-leading expertise from the experts themselves.


Vertical demolition, or the demolition of tall buildings or structures, is one of Total Wrecking’s many areas of expertise. While we can perform any traditional method of demolition if needed or preferred, we also have the qualified staff, equipment, and experience to dismantle the tallest structures in the most sensitive locations, including large hotels, universities, or hospitals located on downtown city blocks that require minimal disturbance and safety hazards.

How do we make that possible?

Thanks to a proprietary invention designed and developed by Frank Bodami named “The Guillotine” we’re able to employ this unique tool for complex demolitions where traditional methods are too high-risk. The Guillotine is a large, crane-held tool that can surgically remove towering structures piece by piece, even at hundreds of feet tall. The Guillotine cuts concrete commercial structures like butter and is usually reserved for unique situations where safe or efficient implosion isn’t possible, it’s too dangerous for crew members to perform at that height, or to safely dismantle a building piece-by-piece from top-to-bottom with a skilled army of demolition experts and top-tier equipment.

Any facility taller than 5 stories is an ideal candidate for the Guillotine, particularly in congested urban areas where debris needs to be minimized or altogether contained.

Industries We Serve


SITE SIZE: 1,600 acres

HIGHLIGHTS: Implosion of (2) massive 463′ tall cooling towers with 50,000 CY of concrete and a 620′ high stack, and includes the abatement and demolition of 2 boiler units, 2 SCR units, 2 precipitators, and all miscellaneous storage and office buildings. All associated Ash, settling, and recovery Ponds, hard surfaces, and the Coal Storage Yards will be removed in their entirety and backfilled.

Industrial power plants

Each type of plant poses its own unique hazards. Power plants are significantly taller that nearly any other building or structure industrial demolitions are performed on. These sprawling, towering, coal-powered facilities include massive cooling towers that can exceed 400 feet tall, compared to a manufacturing plant that on average stands around 2 or 3 stories tall.

As a result, industrial power plants demolitions pose exponentially higher safety risks in order to perform work at those excessive heights. The harsh reality is that falls are a great concern, as is the risk of dropping equipment from such dangerous heights, so performing work safely requires additional equipment, planning, and discussion.



Although all mills, plants and factories have chemicals or hazards on their sites, chemical plants can pose a greater hazard threat than most other plants simply because of the volatility of the resources being stored, produced, or used throughout the facility. Chemicals not only pose threats to the immediate demolition and remediation crews, but they’re also a tremendous environmental risk and need to be approached through planning and surveys in order to understand the risks.

Only then should all chemicals be removed, cleaned, and purged from all equipment, piping, tanks, and vessels prior to all demolition activities. Only the most reputable, experienced, and turnkey demolition company has the expertise to perform work of this magnitude and sensitivity. Total Wrecking is the top nationwide demolition contractor for these needs.


HIGHLIGHTSThe site required extensive clean-up of various V0C’s and SV0C’s because many of the AST’s and mixing tanks failed or collapsed as a result of the incredible forces of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Total Wrecking completed asbestos abatement, demolition of all structures and tanks. Site preparations, final soil removals, and grading were completed the following month.

Georgia Pacific Timber Plant – Palatka, FL

HIGHLIGHTS: Several evaporators and tanks that required dismantling and recycling. Total Wrecking utilized a crew of specialized high burners and cranes to safely lower each unit to the ground for further processing and recycling. Each Tank was in access of 60,000 gallons that required additional logistics for dismantlement while working in close proximity, less than 15 feet, with the plants main power feed.


Paper plants by their very nature are extremely flammable, as are other turpentine products and highly flammable materials often found on these sites. Demolition requires the removal of steel, which traditionally requires the use of torches as well grinders, saws, and other motored tools that produce sparks. That could put a building like this up in flames!

That’s why Total Wrecking uses safe, “cold-cutting methods” that are completely spark-less. Total Wrecking has a wide variety of cold cutting methods that can be used to extinguish any threat of fire or combustion while safely and efficiently dismantling these types of plants.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for any type of demolition, and pharmaceutical or manufacturing plants all have their individual hazards. While these facilities are widely considered lower-risk to dismantle, that does not mean they’re without their own dangers, considerations, and elements that make them complicated projects of their own.

Manufacturing plants often contain chemical hazards that need to be addressed ahead of time, or could produce penicillin that a worker or workers could have a severe allergy to. A plant could be in close proximity to hot oil lines or major power lines, or perhaps work needs to be performed around an element that has to stay active during demolition. Whatever the challenge, Total Wrecking has the expertise and experience to solve each problem thoughtfully, efficiently, and safely.


HIGHLIGHTSComplete demolition 172,000 square feet of obsolete manufacturing/warehouse space. This project also included asbestos abatement, AST & UST cleaning, PCB soil remediation, and complete site restoration.


Plants are sprawling, contaminated spaces that pose an even bigger liability once they’re powered off and abandoned. Once an unmanaged plant is forced to face the elements and begins to structurally erode, its ability to contain environmental toxins withers with it. And as a plant owner, your environmental liability for the contaminants on that site never changes hands, even if ownership of the site or land does.

Repowering a plant or demolishing one after a period of dormancy is far more expensive, time-consuming, and logistically complicated than planning the demolition the correct way from the outset. If it’s time to sunset your plant, it’s in yours and the community’s best interest to plan a demolition now, not later.

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