New York State Fairgrounds

Project name: Construction Work Demolish Various Buildings and Provide Site Improvements New York State Fairgrounds
Project # 45309-C
Location: 581 State Fair Boulevard, Syracuse NY
Service area: Demolition and Site Work
Date completed: 3/9/16

The challenge: Manage the complete removal of the existing structures and installation of a new drainage plan. The removal of the structures included the demolition (implosion – of the New York State Grandstands, removal of 11 buildings, original site track (removing retaining walls and associated fencing), and removal of above ground and below ground utilities.

The utilities included existing sanitary lines, storm water piping, water mains, gas lines, electrical lines and duct banks, HVAC systems, and any other system associated with the structures schedule to remove.

In addition we were contracted to abate any known or discovered hazardous materials associated with our scope of work. All work was expected to be completed on or before May 9th 2016 (9 total weeks) while tracking the entire project on a Cost Base (TM) premises, not to exceed 5 Million dollars.

The solution: For the demolition of the grandstands we hired Implosion exports CDI (pioneers of the industry). They provided the technical expertise required to safely implode the grandstands.

For abatement, removal of utilities, and demolition of structures we self-performed the work in association with the Local Unions (LL 633 – Laborers, LL 277 – Carpenters, LL – 158 Operators). Each division of the local unions help perform the work as we managed and directed the crews.

Total Wrecking as a company brought its aggressive work history to complete the task in required time along with its ability to work multiple areas as once. As the work required 5 Million dollars of work to be performed in a 9 week period, the project required a dedicated team that was able to step up to the challenge. .

Unprecedented design changes were presented daily which required Total Wrecking to continually adapt its work structure to maximize its efficiencies in the most appropriate manner. Our ability to track changes and help the customer perform the work in the most efficient and effect manner really excelled during the continual design changes. Cost innovated methods were consistently implemented and redefined ensuring we maintained the client’s needs and wishes.

The results: As a result of our hard work and dedication we were able to complete our scope of work in the 9 weeks while maintaining a profitable outcome for both Total Wrecking and the client. The site was turned over to the next contractor in a format in which they were able to begin immediately on their phase of work.

The project was a successful venture for all parties involved; the quantifiable result is the removal of buildings, existing utilities, and the successful implosion of the grand stand in a shortened window. All the while installing a new and active storm water system (retainage pond with canal and associated storm water piping). – Implosion by CDI

Bruce McGinnis was the Project Executive who was able to coordinate a large effort of the initial work force in a relatively short time. While on site he successfully managed the implementation of a Work Plan incorporating CDI and several components of the Local Unions. As we were performing 3 months of work in 4 days (the implosion), his professionalism and innate business nature help facilitate many of the behind the scene agreements required to pull off such a technical demolition. (His ability to help negotiate contracts between union and non-union entities proved to be unquantifiable in value. The project would not have happened without his direct coordination.)

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